Wednesday, October 31, 2007

He got a 'Yes'

Just received a 'yes' from the diocese that J can continue on the process to become a priest and thought it might be good to start blogging about this journey we're on. The next step is for him to meet with the Committee on Ministry and the Bishop. They will begin discussions on seminaries. We're prepared to move, but may not need to. I looked at a couple of schools yesterday, mainly Virginia Theological Seminary and General. Both sound really family friendly. And it would be exciting to live in such amazing cities with A and H! Museums, parks, culture galore! It got me excited about moving, but it's also scary. Not that scary really, it just would be kind of sad to be away from our family for so long. Summers and breaks we'd be back to visit, and that would be more often than I originally thought. We might even live with our parents during the summers which would definitely help with their reluctance to see us go. Really my main concern is having A and H away from their grandparents so much, but we really would have the freedom to travel a lot, and we've already talked about keeping people in close contact with a daily blog.
One of the things that the group leader told J was that seminary is 'down time' and to really enjoy it and treat it that way. He said he used to take his kids all over NYC and he really was able to spend a lot of time with his family while in seminary. Yay! J and I were kind of worried we'd be stuck in the same busy lifestyle we're in now for a few more years with seminary, and I'm sure he'll be away a lot studying, praying, etc., but it's nice to hear that it may be kind of like college where you have more free time than you realized.