Wednesday, April 23, 2014


It's Spring! It's Easter! I'm back! (hopefully)
Here's to new life, warmer longer days, and hopefully a renewed interest in blogging. I've attempted re-starting things numerous times and even written a few blog-post-starts, but just haven't been "feeling it" lately. ^J^ and I were talking yesterday about how we failed on our Lenten disciplines and how doing a discipline during the 50 days of Easter seemed like a good idea instead. There's something about Spring that's inspiring and makes one feel more productive, so hopefully I can make the time and have the interest to make this place one of my areas of renewal. I'm not promising a daily post, but something has got to be better than letting months pass with no blog entries! Also trying to renew the no-wheat/primal thing and exercise.

So far this week I walked a few miles Monday, took a yoga class yesterday, and walked again today so we're off to a good start! Food-wise I'm doing ok but the Easter basket temptations are getting to me.

Kiddos are back to school after a good Spring Break last week, it wasn't long enough though and I think we're all feeling Spring Fever already. We head to Disney in less than a month though so that'll help. I am nervous about taking the kids out of school for a week so close to the end of school and testing week, but I also feel kind of justified in doing so since Spring Break was also Holy Week and we don't get a real break/vacation since ^J^ has his busiest week of the year at this time. I'll try explaining that to their teachers but I'm not real sure how it will fly.

Ok, I'm off to make some afternoon snacks, but I'll leave you with a few Easter pics of the cuties.