Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ahhhhhhh.....Phew! Stinky Bradfords!

Spring is here, the sun is out, the sickness is gone, life is good.

We're in total relaxation mode. We've just returned from our folk school weekend in the mountains sans kids. Our weekend of silence, solitude and art has rejuvenated and healed us and now we are ready to tackle the job of house-fixing-up so we can get it on the market.

The prospect of selling the house is kinda stressful I must say, but for some reason it feels like it's going to work out. I hope my feelings are accurate.

We went to the big orange store and looked at lots of things we think might help make our house more appealing. I had no idea it only cost about $30 to put a new bathroom sink in! We're gonna do lots of cheap sprucing and hope to get it on the market by the end of our break. I really hope we can market it as a great place for a new family or an older couple. I'm a little worried about finding a realtor. The one was talked to was SO negative, talking about taking a loss right off the bat. No thanks. I think the houses in our neighborhood are overpriced and we'd be willing to ask a lot less so hopefully that will be helpful.

I'm excited about our house projects but for some reason this week we've gotten very little done and that worries me. We need the kids out of the house for a day or two so we can really get down to work. It's been hard because all we really have is the mornings, then everyone takes naps (including us, unfortunately) and then J leaves for tutoring so our day is done. This 1st week of break is sort of the catch up on sleep, laundry, etc. week so hopefully we'll do better next week. The last week is filling up fast though so that's why I'm worried.

Sadly we'll be attending a memorial service in Virginia the last week for my uncle who died suddenly. It was very unexpected and he was the healthiest person I know as far as exercise is concerned, so we're all really shocked about it. We haven't told A yet and I'm not sure what we'll do when that time comes. She got to know him last Thanksgiving and they bonded really well. It's upsetting that when it's expected for some one to die, it's not as sad for some reason (like my grandmother who also just passed away who has been struggling with Alzheimer's for a LONG time), but when it's someone young and healthy it's harder to deal with the loss and it just seems so unfair and wrong.

I'm procrastinating by blogging when I should be writing my paper about how blogs enhance student learning. Ha! Ironic huh?