Thursday, July 7, 2011


Weekends are a bit different around here these days. Saturdays are *sometimes* a work day for ^J^, there is a morning Eucharist and sometimes he does it. This past weekend, he had Saturday off so it seemed luxurious to have him here the whole day. Sundays are a get up early affair for all (especially with only one car currently) and, while the summer schedule is a bit lighter, it's kinda exhausting for everyone. I can't imagine what it'll be like when there are 4 services and Sunday school thrown in the mix in the Fall. However, we've decided everyone naps on Sundays and that makes it seem like a lazy day even if it does start early.

The best part of our new weekends are that Mondays are ^J^'s official day off so that makes the weekend seem extended even when Sunday is so busy. Who knew that Mondays could be a positive day? Most people dread Mondays but we're fans now. It's errand running (IKEA!), house cleaning, pool-going, daddy-time day and that makes all of us happy to start the week.

Here's some fun from a weekend or 2 ago complete with a living room camp-out.
(H) made it the whole night but *A* ended up in our bed at some point. It was good summertime fun and we're looking forward to more in the coming weekends!