Monday, January 28, 2008

Choices...not really

Kiddos b-days were last week. They're 2 years and 2 days apart so until they complain, we're gonna share the party. This year it was at the firestation and it rocked! The kids just loved seeing and sitting in the trucks. The best part was that it snowed which is a big deal for us in the south. This picture is of some of them looking out the window at the snow coming down.
Anyway, J met with the bishop last week, or was it 2 weeks ago? Things are moving quickly now. He told him Emory's out so that leaves us with Sewanee as our top choice for proximity to family and because of it's close community. We're really excited, but again left with some trepitation because of leaving (and telling people) and having to sell our house and all that. We looked at the housing for students and it's realy nice. Mostly 4 bedroom homes, some are bigger than the one we're in now. It'll be nice to have a yard and a house as opposed to an apartment which is what other seminaries would offer. It'll be interesting to go visit. Everything I hear is that it is just beautiful. Hopefully it'll all work out that we like it and they like J. We might go visit another school or 2, just to see, but we would prefer to stay in the Southeast. I've been looking for people's blogs about seminary. So far I've found a few from female seminarians at General. They've been really interesting. I'm sort of addicated to blogs right now. I've found some really cool ones of moms who homeschool with a Waldorf approach or who "unschool". Also looking at a lot of crafty ones and just joined Flickr so I can start posting my pics there. Lots of creative energy bubbling up inside me. I hope if we are able to go to Sewanee I can take some Art classes. Gotta run, I'm really gonna try and be better about blogging more's so quick and easy and now that things are moving along, it's good to get all down.