Thursday, November 1, 2012

Apple(donut) Festival

Last year we had a blast picking apples in the mountains but what really drove us there was my super-pregnant desire to eat an apple cider donut so I researched farms that offered apple picking plus apple cider donuts, and we headed to the mountains and loved it.
This year since we're trying to save money for our upcoming trip to the land of the mouse, we decided not to drive 2 hours to the mountains, but to try the other farm I found a little closer. It wasn't as picturesque and most of the apple were off the trees so we couldn't actually pick, but we all know why were were there...
 mmmmm, donuts.

Seriously, they are so good. And it didn't matter that we couldn't pick apples at all because there was plenty more to do: Pigs to pet (and feed weird baby bottles full of milk), hayrides, goats and geese (which scared Miss M with their honking), orchards with free roaming chickens to chase, and a giant pile o' hay!

There was also a lot more goodness to eat (and drink). Cider in fun pumpkin bottles, caramel apples, and fried pies. We chowed down to the sounds of a great bluegrass band. They were also selling hard cider and giving samples but unfortunately we left our licences in the car. Oh well, that'll be a new thing to discover next year when the cider donut craving strikes again!