Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Here are some random pics from the last few weeks. Miss M is such a good baby and is growing too fast. She's interacting with us so much now, cooing and smiling, and she's
Sleeping about 6 hours at night! She's already 8 weeks today. These early months of babyhood are my favorite, they're more settled and sweet and cuddly and not mobile yet!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


We spent the Christmas season at home, at grandparents, visiting with friends, and now home again to welcome the new year and get back into the routine. Traveling was great and the newest member of our family took it so well, but now she's got her first sniffles so we're resting and taking it as slow as we can. I'm grateful everyone's back to school and work this week. It was SO wonderful having everyone home, but it's time for the new routine of 5. I've already been so productive this morning and have high hopes for organizing things, calendars, and meals. I've joined a website called Cozi which helps you keep a family calendar, plan meals, and organizes to-do lists and shopping lists. Both ^J^ and I can add to it and update it, so far we're loving it. I've got this week's meals planned, we've gotten groceries for 2 weeks, and we're adding everyone's scheduled events to the calendar. Oh and it's free! Free is good.
Here are a few photos from our Christmas celebrations:
At Home:

Taking it all in

Sleepy but excited!

Opening goes so fast these days!
The aftermath

With Family: