Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Break Fun

I'm so behind. April has been, and continues to be, so busy. There are so many things I still need to share here but I just can't seem to find enough time. Spring Break was a few weeks ago and we had a great week. It was quite warm most days and we had a blast doing things around the house as well as visiting with Nana and going to the nearby science museum which had an exhibit on mummies. The kids were kinda freaked out but pretty into it, and we've not had any mummy nightmares since! Yay! Mom and I found it fascinating, I only wish we had caught it earlier in the tour so I could go back and take J, but it's moved on to a new city now. A few days we used one of my favorite free summer time-fillers: the sprinklers! They had such a blast while I took pictures and ran up my water bill. Little miss M was too tired to join in the fun so she slept in the shade.

I've been playing with my 75-300 lens and love how I can get such great close-up action shots without having to be super-close (especially when there's a sprinkler involved!). That last one of A is in need of being blown up and put on the wall. I love it.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Opening Day

We've entered the season of baseball. It's a season I love. Living in Atlanta during the Braves big championship days was thrilling and it inspired my love of baseball. I must admit I'm a fair-weather fan nowadays but watching an occasional game on tv or live is still so much fun. We took the kids to a local minor league game last summer when we first moved here and they loved it. (H) was only 4 at the time but he was really trying to figure out the mechanics of the game. He played tball last year and struggled. This year, he is way into sports. For his birthday he received a soccer ball, 2 baseball bats, a baseball glove, and a basketball goal. He would happily sign-up to play all of these, but we only have time and money to let them choose 1 activity a season, so he chose tball. And he ROCKS! He is loving it and it's so fun to watch his skills and interest develop.
Last week was opening day and so that all the teams could play that day, his team was selected to play a double header. It was fun and they were so tired but (H) kept his energy up right til the end of the 3 hours of playing. We have a big break from practices and games during Spring Break week, but I'm so looking forward to the next few months of ball season!
The Easter Bunny threw the 1st pitch!

He played 2nd most of the game

Getting some batting tips

Excited to be on base

Love the tongue!


Coming home