Monday, November 22, 2010

The Tree Incident

This is why we are SO glad we rent...

We are all fine and have a lot to be thankful for, the house is almost back together, the kids were scared but now think it's pretty cool to have this construction stuff and giant tree in the yard. Hoping Thanksgiving week will be a little more low-key.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Finally, Halloween

A certain rockstar and jedi I know had a fabulous Halloween (and so did their parents).

While I was against the local ordinance to have Halloween a day early, it actually ended up allowing us to stretch the holiday out all weekend and enjoy a variety of Halloween events. Saturday we went trick-or-treating to a few of the "big" houses in town, like the vice-chancellor's house, and then ended up at a friend's house helping hand out candy and enjoying cider and caramel apples.

Sunday Nana and Gramps came for a visit (Gramps was on crutches for a sprained knee and the kids were very concerned so they gave him lots of attention) and then we headed to the park for a cookout followed by seminary trick-or-treating. The seminarians decided amongst ourselves that we were going to celebrate on the actual day so we went around to each other's houses and enjoyed the semi-quiet night since no one but us was around. Although, that was quite a lot of people as you can see, and this is just a picture of those who were in costume!

This year *A* totally got it about trick-or-treating. (H) was still a little shy and at some point decided he didn't need anymore candy. We were able to borrow a really cool, fancy lightsaber from one a friend and after that he was done with candy. He just wanted to have lightsaber fights with Daddy. It made for some really cool pictures too!

 When we got home, even though it was a school-night, I let *A* dump all her candy and go through it. This is how she organized it, then she counted it.
That was so me as a child, I loved looking through my stash after a night of trick-or-treating and seeing all the good and not-so-good things I got. I do not remember meticulously organizing it like this, because that was so not me. But I loved watching her and remembering.

We ended up with way too much candy this year with all the events, but Sophie-dog took care of most of it the other night when I forgot and left the bags out. Crazy dog!