Thursday, August 30, 2012


Man I've been a slacker this summer. One post per month has pretty much been the norm and that's just not ok. Life is busy for sure with 3, but now that school has started I'm going to try really hard to be much better. I'm toying with the idea of starting a new blog or giving this one an overhaul. We'll see, I may not have as much time as I think I'm going to have.
The kids started school this week. A loves it of course, and H has only gone one day since he's in Kinder and they do this staggered entry thing. He'll go again tomorrow with everyone. He got the teacher we were hoping for and we've heard such good things. When I dropped him off Tuesday, there were no tears from either of us and he was happy about his day when I picked him up. He's really grown and matured over the summer, less clingy than he was at the end of the school year.
H is having a playdate today and I'm getting lots done. M is following them from room to room and was pounding on the door when they went outside to play. So cute! She's crawling super-fast now and can stand up for a few seconds on her own. Oh and she loves to dance. Here's proof from our playdate dance-party:

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Christmas in August

Yesterday (H) really wanted to watch Elf for our movie night, but got outvoted by the rest of us. He was quite upset so I offered that we could watch it the next morning. He wasn't quite consoled and apparently a 2 week vacation helps me get creative so I suggested we do a whole pretend it's Christmas thing. We woke up and turned on Elf and I made hot chocolate and these inspired waffles, if I do say so myself.

The kids thought it was superfun and so did I. The weather cooperated by being rainy and cooler (85, not 100), so we snuggled under a (light) blanket and laughed at Buddy (I was laughing the most by far).

After the movie, the kids were still in the spirit, so we turned on Christmas music and I told them to go play with their new toys from Santa. *A* pulled her dollhouse and all the accessories out and they played for almost an hour. It was a fun morning and a summer event I'm sure we'll repeat. I was even inspired to make soup for dinner since it felt like a cozy winter's day!