Wednesday, May 28, 2014

In Summer!

Things are looking up now that it's almost June (and no longer May). Pollen and bugs have slowed down, school programs are done (except for the end of year gifts and parties), and we've just gotten back from a fun vacation to Disney and had a relaxing Memorial Day weekend. 

Memorial Day really felt like the kick off to summer this year which is great except for the fact that the big kids still have 2 weeks of school. *A* finished testing yesterday so now she's really in summer-mode too since they're pretty much doing nothing at school the next two weeks. She told me today they have plans to design their own roller coasters. Um, okay. We celebrated the end of testing last night with pizza and doughnuts (*A*'s choice). 

Tonight we have (H)'s 2nd playoff game. I haven't taken many photos of him at baseball this year, so I need to bring my camera tonight. I just love watching their skills in baseball and swimming (and even testing skills) grow and develop. One if the other moms on the team sent me these, I love them.

Miss M and I have the next 2 weeks to ourselves since preschool is finished for the year and we've been quite lazy so far. Pjs and cartoons with milk(her) and coffee(me) after the big kids go to school, followed by a little time on the patio watering the garden and maybe some laundry and coloring thrown in. I love this time with just her, and eventhough she's starting to develop quite the opinons, and I can't seem to get any housework done while she's awake; she's such an entertaining little person to be around! 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May Madness

It's a well-kept secret that May is the new December. It's crazy y'all. And I forget how crazy it is until it's here. So there's no pre-planning or prep, it just appears with it's programs and parties and gobs of gift buying and testing and field days.

But it's all fun right? How can all that fun stuff be stressful?
I don't know how, it just is.

And it's hot, like 90 suddenly, which I'm fine with, but then you have to prepare kids for the sun with lotions and hats and sunglasses.

And there's allergies, which this year have been really bad for our eldest, so we're trying to enjoy the beautiful weather but we can't because she's coughing like an 80 year old smoker; so we're stuck inside, watching tv, because they're too tired from school and all the testing prep to do anything stimulating.

Oh yeah, and there's bugs out there now which every year they forget about and so the appearance of bugs is new, and freak-out inducing.

I think I used to like May, or maybe I liked the idea of May. You know, warm weather, flowers, end of school, (or as we know it: stinky kids, itchy eyes, and test anxiety), it's conjures good (but flase) images.

But we're off to Disney soon, and testing will be over soon, and swim team starts soon (that's a good thing, right?); so it's all good.