Friday, October 11, 2013

This post brought to you by the letter S (for Sesame Street, which is why I have a minute to post)

I love Friday mornings, not sure why, it just has a more relaxed feel to it. I used to treat myself to a coffee or breakfast out on Fridays after I dropped the kids, but now I have pumpkin spice coffee from Trader Joe's, so my coffee seems special enough. :)

Also, we are doing the Dave Ramsey program, Financial Peace University and while we budget "pocket money", it doesn't seem like something I want to spend it on right now.

Also, we're doing a low-carb thing and I really like it. It's more Primal than Paleo (we eat dairy), and I cheat a bit, but I figure I'm more aware and seeing results of this new way of eating, so again, it doesn't seem worth it to waste it on chick-fil-a.

I'm content drinking my pumpkin spice coffee with heavy cream and maple syrup and listening to Sesame Street in the background. That's the other thing about Fridays, we watch a bit more television, and when it's not on as much during the week, it makes it seem like a luxurious treat.

This week has been very positive after a few weeks of crazy. Last week was crazy, kids were out of sorts, I had strange migraines, weather was hot. It was just yucky all around. This week has been gloriously Fall-like, only 1 tiny migraine last night, and kids have been awesome. Hopefully we've gotten into a routine of sorts with morning and evening routines and homework. Those are usually where we struggle the most so I've posted their routines and put it in their hands to get it done. I find when we're having a rough week, I nag more and they respond by not listening, and so then I nag more. It's an ugly cycle. So I posted a list and made an effort not to talk/ask/nag.

We've also started a commission chore chart. They get money for completing extra tasks around the house. There are things they are required to do as part of the family, their morning and evening routines, putting their laundry away, etc. but these are extra things that they can choose to do if they want to earn some money. One thing I added on there was that they can earn money for doing the right thing in regards to school. I explained that this is their job right now; to go to school, learn, listen, and be responsible (bring all assignments home, stay on green on the behavior chart, etc.). So if this happens each day, they will automatically earn money for this task. Last week they were struggling with school things, H was on yellow one day and A kept "forgetting" her math homework. This week they've been perfect. Hopefully this will continue to make a difference.

Alright we've watched enough tv for the morning (although I really enjoy hearing Grover talking in the background), and A asked if I could please do laundry today because she has no pants, so I suppose I should honor that request. :)