Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Perfect Fall Day

Today we had *A*'s last soccer game and then came home to carve pumpkins. The kids were so involved in it this year and insisted on scraping the seeds, drawing the faces themselves, and *A* even wanted to cut most of hers herself.

Afterwards, ^J^ and I worked around the house, roasted pumpkin seeds, and enjoyed the day off while the kids proceeded to play outside for hours.

Here they are pretending they "had no home and were poor". They would find food (acorns) and cover up with blankets. (H) told *A* they weren't poor because they had blankets and toys. They used Ella-kitty as a means of transportation for their stuffed animals. She was very patient.

I even had time today to play with my camera a bit and take some photos with my big lens. Here are some of my favorites. I'm hoping to get some good Fall leaves shots this weekend too.

Happy Halloween tomorrow, even though no one wants to celebrate it then, but we still are! Boo!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Little Pumpkin

Last week I went to the pumpkin patch with (H)'s preschool. I went last year with both kiddos and we had such a good time I knew I wanted to go again this year. I volunteered to drive (H)'s buddies and my friends (their mommies) down the windy, scenic road to the pumpkin patch, which is actually in Alabama.
It was a beautiful Fall day and we had a blast!

The corn box was the favorite thing to play in and they even added a cotton box this year.

(H) and his best friends, they play so well together!

 Petting the animals was fun too and the tractors were a big hit!

My pumpkin and his pumpkin

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Riding the Rails

Last weekend we took a trip to Chattanooga to celebrate my mom's birthday. We wanted to do something we hadn't done yet, so we decided to do something we've always wanted to do, and take a train ride! It was so much fun! The kids didn't know what was happening until my mom handed them their ticket and they were so excited! (H) was literally shaking with excitement! Afterwards we tooled around the city and enjoyed the beautiful weather and many festivals going-on.

This kid couldn't stop smiling!

Here it comes!

We ate lunch on the train

We loved watching the world go by

Turning the engine around

We got to visit the shop where they work on these old steam engines!

Tunnel! So cool!

So much fun!


This part was kind of scary!


Cooling off after in a new-to-us fountain

Playing and listening to the bluegrass festival

Followed by a tickle-fest

Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome October!

My favorite month has arrived! I'm celebrating October today by making time for myself. I decided to give up a few things in my busy schedule because life was feeling too rushed and too stressful. I do not want to look back and remember my last year here as busy and hectic. (H)'s school is closed today so we're taking it easy this morning with a few cartoons (a rare treat on a weekday!), some knitting, and a good old-fashioned house cleaning. It was so nice this morning to just walk at his pace back to the car after dropping off *A* and not feeling like I had to rush to get to the next thing.
We're looking forward to a weekend of fun: date night, soccer, celebrating Nana's b-day in Chattanooga (I think we're going to take a train ride! The kids are going to go nuts!), and a visit to our sponsoring parish. I'm off to enjoy this lovely day with the windows open and leaves falling.


The weather today is beautiful! It feels just like it does when we go to Michigan in the summers. I'm wishing I had a hammock and a beach right outside my door today. In honor of this Michigan-esque day, here are the final pictures from our trip this summer.