Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sicky won't be sicky anymore!

O.k., so I've been out of commission for a while. J got the flu and then A got it, then me. I had it the worst which is totally abnormal because I basically haven't been sick in 3 1/2 years due to my mommy immunities. Well, I guess they wore off because I was sick as a dog. Literally not being able to get up off the couch which is really hard for me. J had to stay home or come home early a few days to help take care of me and the kids and the house.

Oh, the house. It is not possible to run a household with someone sick. We had piles and piles of laundry. We did about 8 loads today and we're finally starting to see the laundry room floor. It was pretty awful. The worst part really was just the sitting. I was so helpless and it sucked. I was able to start Eat, Pray, Love which is a really good book.

Luckily H never got any of the flu stuff. A got better and then started her coughing fits for a few days, had to be on the nebulizer and the doc gave us a steroid which they've done before but I never gave it to her. Whoa nelly, never again. She was having crazy hallucinations/nightmares and had these crazy obsessive ticks. She was literally convinced at one point that a frog was IN her throat. She kept grabbing at her throat and coughing and I finally had to give her water and tell her it washed away for her to stop. Of course one of the ticks she had was coughing, so she was up coughing more then the previous nights. It was rough.

I ended up having a sinus infection after the flu and went to the doctor for the 1st time in MANY years. Had to wait 2 hours before he saw me and he said "yep, it's a sinus infection". Well duh. I totally should have gone to med. school. Seriously, I've had really bad doctor experiences this week and I've pretty much self-diagnosed everyone correctly. But, we're all recovering and life is finally livable again. The thing that really sucked about all this sickness was that we had to cancel our visit weekend to seminary choice we have to reschedule, but it won't be the planned prospective student weekend. I'm really looking forward to next weekend's folk school and our spring break to recover and renew.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Almost Spring Cleaning

My mind is a big jumbled mess and I feel like cleaning.

This long weekend we're cleaning the house, making lists, getting organized, etc. I hope this post doesn't become incoherent blabber but *warning*, it might. Thinking of the future, thinking of moving on and of moving, period. We've been telling more people about our upcoming plans and dealing with their reactions. J started talking with a counselor who talked about the grieving process and how it is not like a death thing, but more of recognizing the good in an experience and coming to terms with leaving that behind. We love where we are, but we know that we're ready to move on. It's not a progressive place in many ways, in fact it is very stagnant right now, and we are not. We could be, but we're not.

I am somewhat saddened that our children won't be able to attend school there for the next 3 years, but we might have the chance to return; then again, we might move on and realize we're done. Homeschooling is looking good to me some days, as long as A and I can get along. I'm hoping without the influence of some of the kids at school, her attitude will improve. She's just so testing all the time right now (and I know that's her job as a 3 year old) and it drives me crazy, and she knows it drives me crazy so that just makes it worse, and I feel like everyday is a mental workout dealing with her (and trying to outsmart her!), it's really freaky because I recognize so much of myself in her and I know what she's doing because I did it too. Comes back to bite ya huh?

Wow, I am rambling but it feels good to "clean". J, the pyro-husband, is burning right now, perhaps his way of "cleaning" (purging). We're both feeling restless and excited but having to balance that with feeling some sadness and this new idea of grief. There is no guilt though, none at all (this was a word that was offered to us, but we're not feeling it): we've put in our time and have made positive changes, now it's time to move on.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's out...

We told our boss last week, so a huge weight has been lifted. It went really well, much better than I expected. She said she's just happy J isn't leaving to go to another school. We still can't "announce it" to the school and she told J to "find his replacement", but other than that it's all good. whatever. Ready to move on.
We looked at some of the housing options at S and it's exciting. We're going up for a preview weekend in a few weeks so that'll be very informative. We got some promotional stuff/admissions packets and there is so much involvement with families. Kids in the pool at new student orientation, kids at graduation walking out of the service with their dad, kids participating in the chapel services. It just feels like the right place. I can just see A and H being friends with these kids and S embracing them like our current school community has.
I want to go visit G too just so we can see NYC, but we aren't really thinking of going there because of the would be so awesome to live there though. I can dream.