Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall Hike

On Sunday we finally had some sunshine so we took advantage of it and hurried home after church to change clothes for a hike. We went to Abbo's Alley, an easy nature/hiking trail on campus, to check out the Fall colors. The leaves are just now starting to change and it seems there is more and more color everyday. I was anxious to try my new camera outside and use all the fun features. The kids had fun picking berries, running down the paths, showing Grandpa John around, and *A* took some pictures of her own. I love that she's a budding photographer; all of her pictures are lined up and centered nicely, she even has a special stance when she takes a shot. Too cute!


Amanda.T.Keith said...

Your pictures are amamzing! I really love the gazebo one....I miss Abbo's. I spent many a pregnant moment on those trails.

The Smiths said...

Love your pictures! I can tell you are totally addicted at this point!! I feel your pain! It's a uncontrollable need to snap at anything, beautiful, bright, or just plain cute!!! Can't wait to see your futures pieces of work!!!