Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Space Boy, Snow Mommy, and Dancer Girl

(H) has discovered Star Wars, can I just tell you how happy that makes his daddy? Anyway, he's not quite outfitted yet so he uses what he has. He had some birthday money leftover and the other day decided to purchase his first Star Wars action figure. I see the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Yesterday we woke up to 3 more inches of snow. It was beautiful and while I'm ready for Spring, I was excited this was finally a wet snow so we could make a proper snowman. It was the fastest snow person in history because the snow was so perfect for rolling and stacking. The kids ran inside to get all the proper implements (carrot, bottlecap eyes, scarf, hat), and once it was dressed and ready they announced, "It's you Mommy!". Here they are with their Snow Mommy:

Today was our 2nd "Watch Day" at ballet, they have been practicing for the recital this semester and while there have been many snow days and sick days, we were SO impressed with *A*'s dancing.

Of course we're totally biased, but there seems to be some real natural talent there. I see this being something she will excel at her whole life if she chooses to continue. At the end of class, they got surprised with their recital costumes. She was thrilled and said "Do we get to dance on a real stage Mommy? I've never been on a real stage!". She just had to try the costume on as soon as we got home. Here she is showing me first position. Once I finally convinced her to take it off, I quickly hid it in the closet so we can keep it nice for the next month.

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