Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reluctant Summer Fun

Well, summer is officially here. We've been having a blast but sadly this means many of our best friends on the mountain are gone. We made close friends with many of the families one year ahead of us because we all had kids the same ages. It was a great group of people to introduce us to seminary life and help us on our journey since they'd all been there one year before us. However, it was not so fun saying goodbye. They've graduated, gotten jobs, and packed their moving trucks (or are about to). Many of them are moving to far away places like Texas and Virginia and we just don't know when we'll see them again. We'll keep up on facebook and blogs of course but it just won't be the same as our almost daily playtime at the park or constant last-minute dinner invitations. The moms had a blast in Nashville a month or so ago and we plan to have an annual girl's trip somewhere, so that will be a treat. I just hope we can all keep it a priority once real-life sets in.
Anyway, we've tried to capture as much time as possible with these families in the last few weeks while enjoying our time off together. Here are some pictures of the graduation picnic at the lake, one of the last times we were all together. We're gonna miss you guys.

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