Thursday, November 3, 2011

"home" coming

Going back to Sewanee truly felt like a homecoming. It was wonderful to be welcomed by so many friends and so great to see people from our 3 years there. I didn't realize how busy we'd be trying to catch up with everyone and trying to get the kids to be able to see all their buddies. We hit the leaves at peak time as well so we were able to be there during one of the most beautiful times. We actually got a true dose of Sewanee weather with warm temps changing to fog then rain and then cold, all in one day. I was so glad we brought the kids too, they were SO excited and nostalgic about everything. We drove by our old house and the pond and all our favorite spots and they made sure to point it all out. As we were driving around, *A* informed us that she was "so happy, she was crying". Sweet girl.
When we walked up the hill to the seminary they exclaimed "I remember this hill!" (and this tree, and this blade of grass!) Not really, but it was too cute to see them remembering all the places including the sledding hill outside the seminary that I wouldn't have thought would have had such an impact on their memory.
We enjoyed the lectures and dinner/dance too but really the best part was being with friends and being able to be on vacation in Sewanee. YSR!

Driving to the Cross

We couldn't pass up Abbo's Alley!

They miss hiking and just had to bring their backpacks along!

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