Monday, December 12, 2011


We're trying to enjoy the quiet calm of having a newborn as much as possible and being able to do it during the Advent season is just perfect. Last week we ended up being a little too busy and it took a toll on us so we're reminded to slow down again this week, although we have quite a few Christmas parties and pagents to attend.
We're slowly preparing the house for Christmas. We got our tree from a fundraiser by the Youth at church, its from a NC farm and smells just amazing! We decorated the tree last Sunday. The kids were a huge help this year and even though the decorations may not be spaced perfectly, it's done, and no ornaments were broken this year! Yay!
Yesterday while A and J had a date at the Nutcracker, H and I made Snowflakes to decorate the front door and then we made our first batch of Christmas cookies. They are now mostly gone though so we'll be baking more goodies this week. A picked a coconut macaroon recipe from our Christmas cookie book and I'm wanting to do peppermint bark again this year. Little M is best at hanging out in the sling and taking it all in or napping. And she has a whole lot of helpers to keep her entertained!

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