Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We Like Water

All the pictures I've taken lately involve water in some way. It's been a mostly wet summer and we've been either getting rained on or swimming, so there's really not much else to take pictures of but water.
Today the kids played in the rain because there was really no other way to play outside.

Last week to cool off, they wanted to make body outlines on the wall using the sprayer on the hose. 
Here are the results, pretty cool huh?

And then of course, there's swim team. It was quite a season, full of rain delays and cancelled and rescheduled swim meets because of rain. We were assured this wasn't the norm, but it made an already exhausting swim season even crazier and we are quite happy to have it over with this week. 
The kids really thrived on swim team this year though. H went from *just* being able to swim 25 meters to winning his heat 3 times! A, who was on swim team in Sewanee, became quite proficient in butterfly, a new stroke for her this year. She swam freestyle, backstroke and butterfly at each meet and was consistently on a relay team; either for backstroke in the medley, or as part of the freestyle relay. She is a beautiful swimmer and it was a great thing to watch her thrive in this sport. 

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