Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Random Things

We're getting in our school/Fall groove and things are going well: 

Both kids like their teachers and are positive about school. Little Bit starts a 2 day a week toddler program and my cast is coming off tomorrow! 

Here are some other things we've been enjoying lately:

*Our new Roku. We cancelled our cable and are finally able to catch up on some of our favorite shows. Currently we're into Orange is the New Black and Friday Night Lights. 

*My new iPhone, finally upgraded from the 3. Loving it. 

*Watching the oldest read to the youngest. Tonight she read 4 of our classic favorite picture books to her. The other night, this was the scene:
Makes my heart soar.

*Roasted broccoli, with lemon and Parmesan. 

*Walking to and from school. I seriously feel bad for the people sitting in the carpool line. If we weren't walking, how would *A* have noticed this guy?

*Less carbs. I'm not going whole hog on this Paleo thing but I am carefully considering when I eat carbs/wheat. My new routine is a smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch, and normal dinner. But at some point in the day, I break this open for a little sweet fix. 
 Time for one of those now I think while I pack lunches. 3 kid's lunches is kind of a lot, I may need a glass of wine too. ;)

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