Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"Me Pray!"

Life is busy and good. Happy 2014 btw...
I want to write more but I have a few precious minutes in between kid-bed and me-bed, so this will be short, but I did want to share M's prayer at dinner tonight. Yes, you read that right, our 2 year old extemporaneously prays at she a PK or what? 

First of all, she volunteered herself to pray:
Daddy: who wants to pray tonight?
M: me!
Daddy: ok, go ahead
M: Ank yoo God for food...famawee...A, H, mommy, daddy...(long pause where A volunteers help), yes! Gwacie! yes, (thinking...), Elmo, Daniel Tiger, yes! (We're trying to mouth amen)...Gram, papa, Amen. 

She knew exactly what she wanted to say and us rushing her along when she paused to say amen wasn't at all necessary. She was going to say amen when she was finished and how cute is that she's thanking God for her favorite tv shows?! Of course! Thank you God for Girls, Mad Men, Scandal, Friday Night Lights! For toe-tapping music, thought-provoking movies, and escape-to-another world books; and for all the other morsels of cultural contributions that bring us a bit of entertainment and relaxation. 

Amazing these little people.

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