Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's out...

We told our boss last week, so a huge weight has been lifted. It went really well, much better than I expected. She said she's just happy J isn't leaving to go to another school. We still can't "announce it" to the school and she told J to "find his replacement", but other than that it's all good. whatever. Ready to move on.
We looked at some of the housing options at S and it's exciting. We're going up for a preview weekend in a few weeks so that'll be very informative. We got some promotional stuff/admissions packets and there is so much involvement with families. Kids in the pool at new student orientation, kids at graduation walking out of the service with their dad, kids participating in the chapel services. It just feels like the right place. I can just see A and H being friends with these kids and S embracing them like our current school community has.
I want to go visit G too just so we can see NYC, but we aren't really thinking of going there because of the would be so awesome to live there though. I can dream.

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