Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Well I put out the house flyers yesterday evening and today they are gone! So we've had some lookie-loos and that's exciting, but it makes me nervous! We're not really ready to show this house and need to finish a couple of projects before anyone can come see it, but we wanted to get the sign up and get some info out there. Now I need time to get the rest of the inside painting done and clean up some clutter in the 3rd bedroom. Yikes!

On an unrelated note, we're going to see Rick Riordan today at a book release party and signing at my favorite independent bookstore Little Shop of Stories. He's the author of the Percy Jackson series which is a really fun middle grades book about a boy who finds out he is half Greek god and half human. They are really well done and the kids at school love them, so we've been anxiously awaiting the release of the 4th book. Another really great author, Jerry Spinelli, will be there after. The International Reading Association conference is in town this week so all these amazing children's book authors are descending upon the city. Fun Fun! I'll post pics if my camera cooperates.

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