Thursday, September 24, 2009

Soccer Family

Here are the promised pictures (thanks Cortney!) of *A*'s first soccer game.

There are not too many action shots because *A*'s not doing much action out there on the field yet...she's still sort of hanging back and we have to yell from the sidelines, "Go, run! Get the ball!". I do like this one though with the tounge. We see a lot of that tounge when she's trying really hard. So funny.

Unfortunately she has not had practice or a game for a week because of the rain, so I'm worried she will have lost all the "skills" she had finally learned. We've been trying to kick the ball a bit in the front yard between rain storms and hopefully she'll have practice today as the sun is currently shining. She's really good at dribbling the ball with her feet from one place to another, but when the rest of the kids get involved, she's not very aggressive. I gave her a pep talk one day after practice about how she needs to kick the ball from the people on the other team and she said "But they'll get mad at me if I take their ball away." Well, normally yes and that's really good manners, how exactly do you teach competition? Maybe team sports aren't our thing.
Anyway, we did have a great time watching and cheering from the sidelines, and we really don't care what her "skills" are though as long as she's having fun!

Plus, she's pretty cute in her jersey! She's supposed to wear black shorts as part of her uniform but they are so big that they fall off when she runs. This week I think we're playing one of her friend's teams so we'll see how that goes, I can just imagine them chatting away in the field while the ball rolls right past. Good times.


soozinsta said...

A girl after my own heart! Why bother with "competing" when all you're really there to do is run around outside with your friends?

BB said...

That's right Susie-q! We just need to get her into kickball once we move back to the ATL! Hope all is well. Miss you!