Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Well, Hi!

Hello there blog! Nice to see you.

I finally have a day to just be. Well, to pay bills, do laundry, and run errands, but at least I can dictate my schedule. It wasn't really supposed to be this way, but things got cancelled, so yay! I'm really enjoying my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings alone this year, and after this week of PMO preparations I think I might seriously go crazy if I didn't have it. Next week, Wednesdays will be full of morning bible study, choir/Eucharist, and community lunch, so this is my last Wednesday "off" for a while.

I am really glad the school year is starting up again, but man, it's busy. This year we have the added schedule-juggling of *A*'s activities. She's started soccer for the Fall and ballet starts up next week. We're feeling a little over-scheduled, but I keep having to remind myslef that soccer is only for 2 months. And she loves it. She picked out a bright purple practice ball and some pink shin guards so she's all set, and quite fashionable (of course)! She is by far the youngest on her team so we'll see how that goes. The other team we practiced with last week seems to have more beginner players, but her team has some 6 year old boys who went to soccer camp this summer and they seem pretty good. Her first game is next Saturday and then she has a game every Saturday morning for like 8 weeks straight. Welcome to the world of being a soccer mom!

Well, I'd better run but here's picture of the kids and I at lunch last weekend with my mom. We went to Atlanta for a quick visit, consignment sale, house check, and IKEA trip. It was whilrwind, but good and I got some productive retail therapy done! IKEA and Target all in one day...what more could a rural-mountain-living girl ask for?

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