Friday, January 8, 2010

Fire and Ice

For Epiphany this year we decided to invite the neighbors over and burn our Christmas trees. We ate chili and cheered as we watched the flames rise higher and higher.
It was good old fashioned primal fun (with a fire extinguisher close by)!
Yesterday we were predicted to get some of the snow that was hitting the southeast. It started out light and the deer were quick to have a snack before the snow got heavier.
It continued through the day and we went sledding before dark. All in all, we've probably gotten 2 inches with a steady snowfall continuing today. During naptime, ^J^ and I took turns taking a walk alone to enjoy the snow and the stillness. The kids have fun, but they can only last so long when it's in the single digits.

Here's scenes from my walk. Hope you enjoy your winter wonderland this weekend.

Frozen Lake behind our house

Some brave soul's snow angel *on* the lake

Me standing on the lake (just the edge!) looking at the back of our house

And snowflakes on my coat!

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Amanda said...

Awesome picture of the snowflake