Monday, January 11, 2010

More snow and less hair

Here are some pictures from our adventures outside this weekend. We bundled up and went around campus taking pictures of some of our favorite places covered in snow.

We stopped mid-way for a hot chocolate warm-up at All Saint's Chapel.
Then we were ready to take on the sparkly snow and bitter cold again, and proceeded to make Sewanee Snow Angels!

That night after baths I decided it was haircut night. *A*'s been asking on and off to have her haircut short for about a month now. It started one day when she came home from school with a mysterious layer around her face. Upon further investigation, she told us she wanted short hair so she cut about 4 inches off a small section of hair around her face. It looked kinda cute actually but I had to act stern and tell her not to cut her own hair. She told me she wanted all of it cut to her chin, but then decided a few days later she didn't want it that way because she wouldn't have ponytails or "tinkerbell hair" anymore. Anyway, the other night I was just going to trim an inch or 2 off and she looked in the mirror and told me to go shorter, so I did:

Cute right?! She loves it and so did I except it just didn't seem short enough, so the next morning I went to "even it up" and ended up cutting a few more inches off, so now we have this:

Super Cute! We are both very pleased. I am SOOOOO happy not to have the tangled hair struggle in the morning and she loves flipping it around and all the compliments she's been getting. Plus we can still do ponytails and stuff so that's good. The only problem with it is that she now looks SO big, and SO much like the almost-five-year-old girl she is. *Sigh*

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