Wednesday, February 17, 2010


We finally had a big snow here this past weekend. All the snow that hit the south last week missed us completely (because we were too far North!), but we heard more was on the way this week so we kept our fingers crossed. Sunday night while driving back from Birmingham (after *A*'s run-in with a bookshelf ending in 2 stitches), we got to the top of the mountain and were greeted with huge snowflakes falling in great numbers. Apparently it had snowed on and off all that day, but overnight Sunday was when the most fell and by Monday morning we had about 5 inches. It kept on snowing until yesterday actually, and we now have about 7-8 inches on the ground! It's so fun and so pretty! It stuck to everything and was so fluffy. We went sledding, made a mini-snowman(the snow was too fluffy to make a big one), and apparently ^J^ thought it was good bike-riding weather! Enjoy!

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