Friday, February 12, 2010

Love Bugs

The kids and I have taken to a big family nap in the afternoon these days. Ever since their rooms have been combined, the kids haven't napped well. Which isn't a big deal, they still have "quiet time" and give me some moments of peace (and then they're ready for bed at 7 which is *really* nice). But occasionally we NEED a nap and especially with our bout of strep, it seems we've needed more naps than usual these days, so the best way for that to happen (surprisingly enough) is for all of us to pile in my bed. After a few moments of giggling, pushing, talking, and cover-stealing, they're out.

I just had to capture these cuties in their matching red outfits all tuckered out after a big day of preschool Valentine's parties. It was so fun today when they came home and went through all their valentines. *A* wanted me to read each and every word on hers while (H) made short work of his and had devoured 4 starburst before I even realized what was happening.
Happy Valentine's weekend to you and your Love Bugs.

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