Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1st Day of School

Monday was the first day of school for both *A* and (H). Big girl *A* is entering Kindergarten this year and we struggled for a long time about what to do, but finally decided to take the leap and put her in the public elementary school. We figured this is probably the smallest and best community school we will ever experience and it would be a safe place to try it out. I am slightly concerned about the amount of new schools she's experiencing (new school last year, new school this year, new school next year), but luckily she is a very resilient child. She went for a meet the teacher, fill out forms, etc day last Friday for only an hour but as you can see, she was very excited about that.

Monday she wasn't quite feeling 100% but she had a great time and when asked how it went (dozens of times), she always said "it was great!". Only half the class attended Monday and the other half yesterday, so today is the first full day with the whole class. She has P.E. today which I had to explain to her what that was, and so she decided to wear her converse so she could be ready to run. So things are going well so far. ^J^ and I are having a hard time with some of the odd public school things (behavior charts, etc) that I used to have to do and that we've been so against all these years with our Montessori background, but we're just taking it as it comes and as long as *A* is safe, happy and learning, we can deal.

(H) seems to really enjoy preschool a lot more this year. There were many days last year when he did not want me to leave, but he's doing a lot better this year. He has moved up to the big kid class that *A* was in last year so he's really excited about that, and he has 2 good friends in there with him including our neighbor. The first day we (yes, we) had some tears, but the past 2 days at drop off he has just needed me to sit a minute with him and then he gives me a kiss and I leave. One new thing this year is that when I pick him up at noon, he and I get 3 hours together before we have to go get *A*, so that'll be fun. 
Ok, here they are on their first day. Enjoy!
And their proud parents:

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Amanda said...

Y'all are doing such a great job. Your kiddos look so happy and healthy. Kudos for all the healthy meals and being weary of behavior charts and all the interesting things public school has to offer. I think there are so many really great things about public school and Sewanee is truly one of a kind. You inspire me to make more things from scratch and think about how I handle all life's little dilemmas. :)