Monday, August 30, 2010

It Begins

Our Senior year at Sewanee has arrived. Last week we had Quiet Day and Matriculation followed by the Dean's dinner. Saturday was the Picnic at Lake Cheston.
The kids had a blast in the water as usual and I'm not sure they ate anything except cookies and brownies while we were there.
One of the new seminarians brought her kayaks and all the kids had fun taking turns on those.

Yesterday was a taste of Fall with temps in the high 70s and lots of breeze. We went to church at All Saint's and then had a playdate and then went blueberry picking at a friend's house. They also own a horse farm with 23 horses, and have a large and random selection of other animals: a llama, parrots, a miniature goat, a pig, 5 dogs, etc. The kids were in heaven and I kinda was too. Watching them (especially *A*) run around this farm so naturally and totally happy was awesome. After visiting and petting all the animals many times, the kids rode the "gator" over to the garden area where we picked a bucketful of blueberries. Apparently this is very late in the season and they were just over-run with berries this year. The berries were growing in huge clumps on the branches like grapes, all we had to do was put our bucket underneath and kind of pull the berries down and off the branch. ^J^ said he felt like he was milking a cow. There was also a pear tree and the kids decided they needed to eat it right then and there warm from the tree. There was an apple tree as well so we got a bucket full of those too. Oh and they had a few watermelons leftover too so we each took 2. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so I only have a picture of our loot after we returned home. Time to start freezing, canning, and baking!

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ukebard said...

That was an amazing farm, let's get one.