Monday, September 27, 2010

Soccer Time

I've been so slack with this blog lately, lots to share (even pictures!), just not enough time to do it! Hopefully this lazy, rainy Sunday will let me get caught up a bit. Soccer is in full swing this Fall and it's amazing how much difference a year makes! Last year we were having a hard time convincing *A* to get out there and take the ball away, and we wondered if she was just not really into competitive sports. Well, apparently kids kind of "get that" in Kindergarten. She is now one of our best players and has scored goals and totally gets it. It's so exciting to watch her and cheer for her from the sidelines (instead of telling her what to do all the time). And it's made even more fun this year because ^J^ is her coach! We were rained out Saturday, but she's had 2 great games and we're looking forward to games all the next month.

*A* was selected as team captain to watch the coin toss

Throw In

Action shot

Our friends came to cheer her on and get a few early soccer tips

Sweaty Monkey after the game

Good game! I think this is their favorite part!

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