Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Catch Up

Between the tree incident, hosting Thanksgiving, illnesses, planning Morning with St. Nick, lessons and carols, and trying to close out the semester, I've not had time for this blog. I'm hoping to improve since this time of year is my favorite time for reflecting and sharing holiday fun. Here are a few fun things to catch up on...
We've enjoyed many fires the past couple of weeks. After a mild start to Fall, we are making up for it now with highs in the 30s and lows in the teens the past week or so. It's not just the humans in this house that like fires...
It was too warm on Thanksgiving to have a fire, but the next day was freezing so the kids were glad we had a chance to have S'mores. YUM!

Sadly, these were the only pictures I took during Thanksgiving weekend. It was a great Thanksgiving this year though and I felt like I was actually able to spend time with my family while still hosting and cooking. It was relaxed and everyone stayed until Friday afternoon, so we were able to share more than just one meal together. We talked about how this is a year of "lasts" and how this would be our "last" Thanksgiving in Sewanee. While that is sad, it is also exciting to think about where we might be hosting next year!

Last weekend we had a few more "lasts" with Morning with St. Nick, Lessons and Carols. ^J^ was able to read at Lessons and Carols as student body president and get us great up-front seats, it was as beautiful as always and the sparkling tiny snowflakes all night long made it really special.

We also went to get our tree and the kids picked a very full one that is just an inch shorter than our ceiling. We've been slowly decorating it and trying not to rush the season, but we're all a bit anxious about Christmas this year since we'll be gone longer than we usually are and we want to be able to celebrate at home as much as possible.

Things are slowing down though for the semester and we're starting to pass on some of our responsibilities to get ready for our departure. I've been able to start thinking about what the future might hold. It's becoming exciting. Looking forward to more exciting Advent happenings this week and then a nice long break.

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