Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snow Day(s)!

Sunday we woke up to snow and it continued the rest of the day and on into Monday night. We usually have a snow this early in the season, but it isn't usually this much! Once it was all said and done, we probably had 6-8 inches. So, of course we've been playing in it the past 3 days and of course the kids have had off school. It has also been extremely cold so our playtimes have been pretty quick with multiple layers of clothing that end up in big wet piles all over the foyer. But it's so fun!
Monday I invited a bunch of families to come over and have a snow day at our house. We had 7 moms and 13 kids ages 6 weeks to 11 years. It was a blast! Everyone was so thankful to have a place to go and not be cooped up at home all day. We stayed mostly in our yard that day becasue we tried to venture to the golf course and the wind was so cold, no one could stand it for long.

Yesterday we had PMO because it rarely closes for snow, but the elementary school was closed to *A* got to come with (H) and me. We went caroling around the seminary and then send sledding. Super fun!

Today *A*'s school is still closed and they're calling for a wintry mix this afternoon. (H) went to school which is good because *A* now has the fever virus that's going around so she's been asleep all morning. The snow is getting kinda yucky but it's still fun to look out and see white and be able to stay warm and cozy inside. On today's agenda, celebrate ^J^'s birthday and start baking holiday goodies to give as teacher gifts!

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