Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Recap

Christmas was magical this year to the kids. Santa is a BIG deal now and the magic of all that is so fun to watch. Scooters were the big requests this year and they've been such a hit! How are scooters a hit in the winter you might ask (especially with close to 10 inches of snow currently on the ground)? Well, we've discovered they are actually great indoors too because of the hardwood floors and the "loop" around the house. Yesterday, at a peak of cabin fever, the kids had a scooter race around the loop while ^J^ and I sat on the couch and acted as spectators and announcers. On Christmas morning, the kids just had to take a scooter ride outside so we headed down to the pond which was barely iced over and they had a blast playing with the paper thin sheets of ice. Later that day we headed to Atlanta to do Christmas with my family which was fun and relaxing because we got to spend the whole day there. It also snowed which is a rare event anytime in Atlanta, but especially on Christmas. I think I was in middle school the last time that happened. Here are some pictures to enjoy:

Christmas Eve

Reading The Night Before Christmas

Cookies and Milk for Santa

Santa came!

Christmas Morning

Discovering her scooter

He was so sleepy but *A* lured him out of bed with presents.


(H) would fish them out and *A* would throw the ice on the iced pond and watch it shatter.

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