Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow Week...again

It snowed last Sunday, probably the biggest snow the South has had in a long time. We think we had about 10inches total. It didn't really stop flurry-ing until Thursday. I know it was a big pain for much of the South, but in Sewanee, it's beautiful. It's fun. It's kept us home all week. Pretty much.
Our car got stuck in the driveway so ^J^ moved it to the gravel parking spot in front of the house. Then the plow came by and we had a big hunk of snow to try to drive over. It was fluffy and soft so we didn't think it would be a problem but when ^J^ tried, the car rebelled and slid the other direction into our yard. About a foot from the base of a large tree. So it stayed there, we used our generous neighbor's car when we needed to. Finally, yesterday, after lots of shovelling, pushing, and revving, we got out and it was just in time to avoid a total cabin fever meltdown. A trip to our local Piggly Wiggly seemed like a major adventure out into the world. We stocked up on a few essentials (you know, milk, cheese, dill pickle chips), got some movies at the library and came back home to settle in for the weekend. Sledding has been our one sanity-saver. As soon as the kids start to get stir-crazy, we don all our layers (it takes a good 15 minutes to get ready) and head down to the pond behind our house where we've finally discovered an awesome hill within walking distance. Both kids now love sledding and it's super-fun to watch them race and come up with new ways of sledding: backwards, on their knees, on their bellies(superman-style), etc.
Tomorrow it's finally supposed to be in the 40s but I think this snow will be here a while still. Probably just melt in time for the next system to come through, and Winter really has just begun...sigh.
All bundled up and ready to go!

Lots of snow!

Sledding is so fun!

Don't you love the hand-knitted items for a snowgirl?

Our street

Helping Daddy shovel the car out
Shovelling is kinda fun!

That's one way to make a snowball!

Dogs love snow too!

So much fun!

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AisforRandom said...

omg, you're not from boone nc are you? because that scene is way to familiar