Sunday, May 6, 2012

Late Church

The new trend around here is to wait and go to church at 11:15. We've been doing this the past couple of weeks and I'm really starting to enjoy it. This morning the kids woke up in a foul mood (not M, she's practically perfect in every way), which then put me in a foul mood, so I sent them back to their beds and told them to start the day over. They came into the kitchen a few minutes later, I greeted them with a kiss and asked if they had a good night's sleep and then they retreated to their bedroom where they proceeded to play quietly and kindly with each other for an hour and a half!!! There were no demands for breakfast or tv. I was able to drink my coffee in relative peace, feed M a bit of carrots (not a fan yet), watch her play with Gracie and some toys, and then lay her down for a morning nap. Then I had quiet time (wha?!?) while the big kids continued to play. If we had gone to the early service, which used to be our norm, there would have been rushing and yelling and none of this quiet playtime or quiet mommy time. Very nice. Very Sunday.
I think I'll try this morning re-do thing more often.

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