Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Christmas in August

Yesterday (H) really wanted to watch Elf for our movie night, but got outvoted by the rest of us. He was quite upset so I offered that we could watch it the next morning. He wasn't quite consoled and apparently a 2 week vacation helps me get creative so I suggested we do a whole pretend it's Christmas thing. We woke up and turned on Elf and I made hot chocolate and these inspired waffles, if I do say so myself.

The kids thought it was superfun and so did I. The weather cooperated by being rainy and cooler (85, not 100), so we snuggled under a (light) blanket and laughed at Buddy (I was laughing the most by far).

After the movie, the kids were still in the spirit, so we turned on Christmas music and I told them to go play with their new toys from Santa. *A* pulled her dollhouse and all the accessories out and they played for almost an hour. It was a fun morning and a summer event I'm sure we'll repeat. I was even inspired to make soup for dinner since it felt like a cozy winter's day!

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