Monday, January 28, 2013

Party Central

Last weekend was A and H's birthday (A on Saturday, H on Monday). We had an extra long weekend due to the MLK holiday and then a teacher workday on Tuesday, so we spread things out and basically celebrated all weekend. Friday J and I went to the kids schools for lunch and birthday treats. H was first since he eats at 10:30 am. He picked his his best buddy from his class to sit with us at the "special" table and passed out mini cupcakes to his class. Then we headed to A's school for a "celebration of life" (Montessori birthday celebration ) and lunch. We sat in the circle with her class as she was asked questions by each kid and teacher. Then I joined her for lunch and enjoyed listening in on the fun things 2nd and 3rd grade girls discuss. She chose donuts to pass out to her class.

Friday night we had a small family celebration with my parents and their godmother. A had requested chicken and dumplings without the chicken so we gave it a try and it was yummy!

Saturday we cleaned a bit and then welcomed the rest of the family: my dad, J's parents and J's brother's family. For a relaxed afternoon and evening of playing, eating, and bonfire-ing. The kids got some really great "big" gifts, with Christmas loading us up on stuff, I tried to have their birthdays be simpler. one or two things they really wanted.

We ended the day with a double-birthday celebration with homemade cookie cake (they both requested it). The kids all spent the night here for a cousin sleep-over, which ended with me having to separate them all so they would sleep.

Sunday the cousins went to the hotel for a swim in the indoor pool and then we went to late church. Maggiano's for lunch (YUM!) and then home to get ready for A's friend party. She wanted a sleep-over but didn't like that they stayed up so late at the last one she went to, so we had an "almost" sleepover. The girls came in their jammies and brought pillows and stuffed animals. We did nails, made pizzas, had a bonfire and roasted s'mores, and watched a movie. All the fun parts of a sleepover with none of the yucky sleeping parts! It was the best kid party we've ever had. The girls were all so fun and funny! She picked a few kids from both her old school and her new school and they all immediately got along, which is saying a lot for girls!!

Monday we rested up a bit in the morning and then J took A & H Frisbee golfing (H's gift from us was a new Frisbee golf bag, he loves it!). I baked H's cake and got ready for the next and final party of the weekend. H had his friend party at the movies, he invited his 4 favorite buddies (and his sister) to go see Wreck-it-Ralph. Then we came back to the house for cake and presents. It was fun and easy, which by this point of the weekend was exactly what we needed.

It's hard work having these 2 birthdays in a row, but when it's all said and done, it's so much fun and the best part is that we have a whole year before we have to do it again!

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