Friday, February 8, 2013


February doldrums are here. Even though it is absolutely beautiful outside today, in the low 60s, this household is worn out and worn down. We've had all manner of sickness in the last 4 months: bad colds in November (during our Disney trip no less!), Flu in December, Strep in January, and now colds again. I'm seriously done with illness. I want to pick my family up and relocate to a nice warm beach somewhere for a few weeks.
Plus the weather has been wonky, warm like this, then frigid the next day, then warm, then chances of snow. It's been back and forth like this for weeks. With three different chances of snow and no delivery! Unacceptable! We want snow!
Also we've just been super-busy for the last few months. November was Disney and Thanksgiving and M's birthday. December is well, December. January with the big crazy birthday weekend. And now we're finally having a chance to slow things down, and I think it's all caught up to us.
Luckily the last few weekends have been relatively calm. With no big plans on the calendar, we've been able to take it easy; the kids have been perfecting their bike skills and we're catching up on lots of movies and lego building.

All in all, it's been pretty relaxing actually, if only the sniffles and coughs would leave us.

I think there's a reason why February is the shortest month of the year. Come on SPRING!

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