Friday, May 17, 2013

Good ol' one eye

Toddle-britches, that's her new name, injured my eye. A scratch on my cornea from her fingernail. I thought it would heal up a few hours later but it got worse so I had my mom come and take me to the urgent care because my vision was so blurry. After lots of tortuous drops and washings, plus a freaking expensive antibiotic/steroid drop prescription, it's much better, but still blurry and swollen feeling. I should not be writing this, I'm basically typing with one eye. I can't read or drive or really even watch tv. Last night I had to watch the office season finale with a blanket over my bad eye so I could keep it open but the light didn't bother it. First world problems, huh? It did force me to finally figure out how to download audiobooks from the library so I'm listening to my newest find, Outlander. I know this is actually quite old, but I'm finally jumping on the bandwagon and really enjoying it. 
Ok I'd better go before I injure my other eye from using it took much. Here's my favorite little leaguer who got the game ball last week. His team played amazing and he had great fielding, 3 for 3 hits, 1 run and 2 RBIs! When coach asked the team who should get the game ball, they all yelled his name! So awesome! And a moment we will never forget!

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