Monday, July 7, 2008

Goodbye Coffee Goodness

Ah Starbucks, how I love you, let me count the ways! We got a coupon in the mail for a free drink and ^J^ just returned with a gigantic mocha frappachino. Sadly this will probably be my last Starbucks fix for a while. According to their website, the closest one to us once we move is in Manchester which is almost 30 miles away.*sigh*.

Mucho coffee is needed this morning after a productive weekend and a sick baby not sleeping much. ^J^'s parents came and helped clean, pack, paint, and kid-wrangle. *A* was with my parents all weekend, they were supposed to have (H) too but he got sick on the 4th and was out of sorts for a few days. I thought *A* might have caught it last night because when we left Taco Mac after dinner she was running around and then threw up in the Taco Mac grassy area, ewww. She did it again after we got home but seems to be doing much better this morning so hopefully it was just a fluke.

Our 4th was fun, the parade was great and as promised we came home with a basket full of candy. Then we had a yummy brunch at our friends' house. We were sad to leave but had more plans at my parents house. They invited us to a pig roast in their neighborhood and then to see fireworks. (H) was a little better by the fireworks show and kept saying "Boom" and "Wow". *A* loved it and sat on top of my stepdad's truck "like the big kids". O.k., I'm in a purging mood so I'm off to tackle our closet while the kids are napping. Oh, we had 3 showings this weekend. One e-mailed our realtor and said they were still thinking about it so let's hope they really are.

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