Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wow, I'm beat...

I just woke up from a 3 hour nap. It's weird, I guess I've been taking advantage of this summer thing too much, we haven't been to bed before midnight in ages and Little Miss Sunshine *A* is consistently up before you want her to be. This morning it was 5:45 and I hear "Mama, the sun's outside, time to get up." Um, no baby the sun is actually still asleep, the light you see is a street lamp. So I told her to sleep in our bed which never works, she's restless, she kicks, and 4 people in a Queen-sized bed just isn't comfortable. Then she tries again: "Mama, I had a great nap, get up and play with me." No *A*, mommy's tired, go read some books and then I'll get up. Moments later, (I don't know, it could have been 5 minutes, it could have been a half-an-hour, I was asleep) she's in there again, "Mom, time to get up, I wanna watch a movie." No, mommy needs more sleep. Go potty and then I'll get up. And 2 minutes later. "O.k., mommy get up, see the sun is out really now." And it is, and it's almost 7:30, I actually slept in a little but I was not awake. I made coffee, it got cold. I tried, really tried to clean the kitchen. Breakfast, which has been beautifully homemade all summer, was prepackaged yogurts, feed-yourself style. ^J^ left to take a friend to the airport and go tutor so I was on my own with these full-of-energy kids. Finally I decided we needed to get out of the house, and I desperately needed a shower. So Sesame Street came to the rescue for *A*, and I'm actually not really sure what (H) was doing while I showered but I kept calling out to him every so often to make him come in the bathroom and stay out of trouble. We all got ready and with wet hair went to the library for storytime. Then back home for lunch and Daddy came to the rescue while I laid down, I was so sleepy I couldn't even feel guilty for leaving him with the lunch mess and two kids to put down for a nap. Three hours later here we are and I'm still not motivated to do anything, hence the long irrelevant post. I guess all this packing and constant business has caught up with me. I guess I just needed a day off. Well, two actually. We went to the aquarium yesterday with our friends and ate Indian food and had a wonderful day with very little accomplished but it was so nice to have a day to play. We went to this fabulous playground at Centennial Park, and the kids played and ran to their heart's content. O.k, I'm feeling motivated suddenly, our across the street neighbors have someone showing their house...enough play, back to work!


ukebard said...

I packed four boxes while you did that post!



Heidi B said...

I know I should be more empathetic, but that made me laugh out loud. I so, so hear you.

Aquarium and Indian food. *drool*



BB said...

If you laughed then you are empathetic because you understand!
Sorry we missed the movie, as you can see I wasn't really in the frame of mind to go. Hope you had fun. Love ya!