Thursday, August 21, 2008

Invasion of the Undergrads

So they've slowly been trickling in; a big group on the lawn here, a bunch of matching t-shirts there, more cars, more noise. Ah, Orientation, such fond memories. I loved freshman Orientation as an undergrad, so much so that I decided it would be a good idea to do it 3 more times as an Orientation Assistant. The silly games, the sharing, the free food and t-shirts, the hypnotist. It was all so fun and carefree.

It's a little different looking at this event now, as I walk by pushing my double stroller trying to keep my 1.5 year old from biting his sister who's shoving her arm in his face pointing and shouting "Here come the green shirts Mommy!". I walk by these students envious of their freedom and their chance to get to go to school here, but mostly I'm sizing them up for who might be a responsible babysitter...maybe I should become an Orientation Assistant here just so I can grill them on their childcare skills. I've still got some of the t-shirts, I'll fit right in!


Dynomite Momma said... tie-dye '98 OA shirt is in my suitcase in the car for the beach...WE'LL MISS YOU!!! And, I had almost forgotten the hypnotist until just now...ah, the memories.

OK - enough reminiscing. I found this cool blog - you may have seen it before but I love her ideas!!!

Hugs and love and sunshine and all that other goodness. I love you guys!

BB said...

I know, right? I loved being an OA with you J!
I hope you guys have fun at the beach and don't get too rained on! It'll be fun anyway and I'm sad I'm not there. Come up here for our next girls getaway! Thanks for that link, I haven't seen it before and it looks great!
Love you bunches!