Saturday, August 30, 2008

Busy Bees

I've not had a chance to write lately because now that classes have started, so have all other activities and social engagements. While ^J^ has been in school, we've had something everyday and every evening this week with Matriculation/Dean's Dinner on Thursday being the highlight.
The laundry is overflowing and I'm starting to realize we're going to have to pick and choose what we want to participate in.

Here's what a typical week will look like:

Monday: Walk, grocery shopping/errands, lunch, naps, daddy home for dinner, a rare free evening (unless I sign up for this Art and Spirituality class).

Tuesday: Parent's Morning Out, lunch with Daddy in the refectory, naps, choir practice, dinner, spouse night. Tuesday nights are "reserved" for spouse events, the seminary doesn't plan any other events these nights. There will either be an outing, or a meeting, or spiritual direction every week.

Wednesday: Walk, Women's Bible Study, lunch, naps, Choir rehearsal, Community Noon Eucharist, Community Lunch, naps, daddy home, dinner, maybe another free night (there is a family Bible Study every other Weds., but this might be one of those things we need to say "no" to).

Thursday: Parent's Morning Out, lunch with daddy in the refectory, naps, *A*'s dance class, Family Evening Eucharist, Community Dinner.

Friday: Walk. Other than this, Friday seems to be our Catch up/Family day. ^J^ only has one hour and fifteen minute class and we have no other obligations during the day.

Of course, that was the case this Friday, but I ended up taking the kids to the park and playing and chatting for 2.5 hours instead of doing laundry. The first Friday of the month the Spouses of the Seminary group sponsors a Date Night and provides free childcare, so we're looking forward to that!
Last night we wanted to go to a local Contra Dance but we couldn't find a baby-sitter because the seminary was sponsoring a lock-in for the older seminary kids. So we had movie night instead which is a recent family Friday night tradition. We try and get a movie we will all enjoy (free from the school's extensive DVD collection of course), last night it was The Water Horse. It was good, very E.T.esque. Then after the kids went to bed, we watched a "Mommy/Daddy movie" as Ava says. We saw The Squid and the Whale. Great movie.
Today we have a picnic for the whole seminary community so I need to go wake everyone up from naps. Tomorrow we're going to try church at All Saint's Chapel, the big beautiful chapel on campus.

It's not a long weekend for us, but if it is for you, enjoy it!

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