Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sundays are nice...

Today feels like a Sunday, it is a Sunday, but it really feels like one.

It's been kind of a lazy day: cleaning, cooking, crafting and walking. The air is warm but not humid...fall is coming. I can feel it.

Nana (my mom) was here to visit and she and I went shopping Saturday. It was nice to go exploring in the local shops and we were surprised to find a really cute clothes store. They had all these trendy name brand things and luckily there was a sale so we found some really good deals on nice, but super-soft, comfy clothes(thanks mom!).

We saw 4 deer in our compost today, they weren't bothered by *A*'s loud feet or (H)'s tapping on the window, they just wanted our leftovers.

The kids have missed ^J^ this week, so it's been nice to have him here this weekend. (H) has missed him most, they're buddies. Actually (H) is everyone's buddy unless you work in the nursery at church, he hates them. Apparently after we dropped him off (after much dabating and trying him in the service) he stood at the door with his back to the rest of the group with his arms crossed across his chest waiting for us to return.

We're starting to become part of this community. We see people we know everywhere! Tonight on the way home from dinner with friends (who we ran into at the playground) we saw 5-6 cars of people, or people walking, that we knew. Plus, while we were at the local campus eatery, we saw 4 sets of people we knew AND our a t-shirt and jeans on vacation here for a few weeks. So we're starting to get an idea for how small this place is. We've only been here a month and we're already feeling like locals: people wave as they pass on the street or look out for our children on the playground. It's nice, real nice. It's also really cool that we live in a place where people come to vacation or visit. We met a couple in their late 60's Saturday at the farmer's market who come up here to their cabin about 10 days a month. He went to seminary here and then got his doctorate and now they own a cabin up here. That's just how this place is. Come see us and you'll feel it too.

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