Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Full Plate

Do you sense a theme here? How it possible to be running on empty and yet have such a full plate all at the same time? Hmmm, deep thoughts. Anywho, life has kicked into high gear the past couple of days trying to get the end-of-the summer/beginning-of-the-semester jobs completed before we leave for a wedding in Michigan this weekend, but that's not before celebrating my parent's 20th wedding anniversary which isn't before getting the entire PMO room cleaned out and put back together so the floors can be waxed. Plus, either going to dinners or hosting dinners every night since Friday, and our phone has rung off the hook all day. It's a little intense.

Last week at this time I was having an inner-crisis about *A* going to preschool, and it being our last week of summer, and how we were going to fill our days with fun before reality set in...but suddenly, reality is here. It just jumped right in the middle of my plans for the week. And it's not stopping, not yet...I'm looking ahead and seeing the challenge of a long drive this weekend for a very short, fast-paced visit with family we rarely see, only to turn around and have to adapt immeadiately to a new morning-school-routine and life at the seminary staring again. It's all good, happy things, but it's all so soon, and so new so suddenly. So, so-long Late night with Conan O'Brien and so-long sleeping in until 8...well maybe not so-long yet...I still have a few more days of summer bliss to enjoy, even if my plate is overflowing.

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