Friday, July 31, 2009

Runnin' on Empty

We're all pretty worn out around here. ^J^ has his last week of CPE next week and he's beyond ready to be done, I'm tired of the montony of our daily routine (and the rain does not help!), the kids are fine I think, they seem to thrive on the routine I'm tired of, but I've suddenly realized next week is the last week before school starts for *A* and I'm having mixed feelings.

She's only attending a half-day preschool this year because I couldn't really bear the thought of her in public school, all-day, Pre-K yet, but I'm still in disbelief our summer is over. The preschool starts back at the same time as public school so it's more convienent for parents, but my summer isn't over yet and I don't really want hers to be over yet either. It's gone by really fast and we haven't done nearly what I thought we'd do. Such is life I suppose.

On the other hand, a new schedule will be a welcome change and I know she's excited to meet new friends and be in school. We're contemplating sending (H) to the preschool for 3 days a week as well, but again, I wish I could start them in a few weeks instead when ^J^ and I go back to the seminary school routine.

I'm really looking forward to things starting up at the seminary this year. The new families are great and there are so many new young kids. I'm the director for the Parent's Morning Out program this year, so I'm getting excited about planning for that as well. ^J^ is partially in charge of Orientation for the new students so he's been working on that this summer as well. It's been really nice to be one of the welcoming, more "seasoned" families for the new people. I so vividly remember being in their shoes last year and it's interesting to see the similarities of people's questions/concerns. I much prefer being "in the know" but it's such a hard thing to explain to people, you really just have to live this experience to fully appreciate it and understand it.

We're having a whirlwind trip to Michigan (again, but not as far north) next weekend for ^J^'s cousin's wedding, and then the next day after we get back, Orientation will start and preschool will start. That's going to be pretty crazy and we'll all be running on more than empty for the next few days after that. Soooo, I'm going to try really hard to focus on the now and on our last week of summer because in a few short weeks, the hectic pace of school starting up again is going to take over, and I know I'll miss these lazy summer days.

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