Sunday, December 6, 2009

Some snow, a saint, and a tree walk into a bar...

We woke up to 3 inches of snow Saturday which was super-exciting, but we couldn't stay home and play in it too long because we had the Morning with St. Nicholas event to get to. The kids were itching to get out and play in the snow though, so they threw some warm clothes on and ^J^ took them out (at 7:30am!) while I finished getting ready.

Gracie and Sophie were excited to play in it too!

Then we all changed into dry clothes and headed to Morning with St. Nick.
Here we are with St. Nick, as you can see, the kids wouldn't sit with him by themselves, and even with us in the picture, (H)'s trying to escape and *A*'s clinging to my neck for dear life. *A* did enjoy coloring pictures of St. Nick with her friends and here she is discovering gold coins in her shoes after the program.

Afterwards, we went to our friend's The Krouse's house and ate pizza and the kids played in the snow some more.
We were all pretty exhausted after this jam-packed morning so we came home and took naps. Then we watched Christmas movies, made a cake, and decorated the tree! The kids loved opening each box, getting out as much as they could, leaving it in various places in the living room, and then starting all over again on a new box. Can I just say how messy our living room was? Oh wait, here's proof
Sadly in this process, a few ornaments were broken but the kids were really excited to open all the boxes and in the end, after much rearranging of kid-placed ornaments, we have a finished tree. Whew, what a day!:

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ukebard said...

That was a good day. Like the new look of the blog, see you in a week or so...:)